• Hôtel de baume

    La restauration au Baume

  • Hôtel de baume

    La restauration au Baume

  • Hôtel de baume

    La restauration au Baume


What time is breakfast served at hotel Baume?

Breakfast is served daily from 07:00 to 10:30.
The breakfast is served in The Breakfast room is situated on the ground floor. .

We can also serve breakfast in room upon request.
Have a look at our breakfast menu here.

What is the price of breakfast at Baume hotel ?

Breakfast is included depending on the rate you chose.
The breakfast is served "à la carte" so the price depends on your choice.

What is the breakfast menu at Baume hotel ?

We offer American, continental, English, French breakfast.
See menu items below:
. Breads & cakes: baguette, toasts, pastries.
. Eggs: scrambled eggs.
. Cereals: granola.
. Fruits & vegetables: fresh fruits.
. Dairy: cheese, yogurts.
. Meat & fish: bacon.
. Drinks: cappuccino, coffee, espresso, fresh fruit juice, hot chocolate.
. Others: honey, jams.

Room Service

Maison Babine s’invite à l’hôtel
Maison Babine turns your room and your taste buds upside down! A parade of gourmet, striking dishes coming straight from the backstages of chef Remi Poulain, with unexpected and inspired ideas.
How will you enjoy it? In bed, at the table, in your pajamas or your evening outfit...?
Let yourself be tempted because for you, Maison Babine puts on the great spread in small boxes!
Room service available 24h/24h 7/7.

Honesty Bar

The Honesty Bar is open throughout the day in the Baume’s salon.
Enjoy its friendly atmosphere over a drink, a moment of relaxation with a wide choice of refreshments, wine and spirits at your disposition.